Joining IAC Partners means supporting large industrial groups, all over the world, to reach competitiveness excellence

Senior Consultant

Gaëtan, Senior Consultant

"Joining IAC Partners also means wanting to participate in cross-functional projects: training, DREAM days, development of new methodological tools, etc."

Role & Responsabilities

  • Senior Consultants at IAC Partners conduct one or several missions entrusted to them, in various industrial sectors, under the supervision of the managers.
  • They are responsible for the perfect execution of their mission and the training of the Consultants in their teams, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Discover the career path of Gaëtan

The difference between a Senior Consultant and a Consultant?


The Senior Consultant, in addition to the Consultant tasks, begins to manage a team. He is thus responsible for the quality of the deliverables and leads the project from A to Z, reporting directly to the client and his Manager. Having a team to manage is a challenge but also a proof of trust.

What are the qualities required to succeed as a Senior Consultant?


Autonomy, dynamism and curiosity! It is also essential to well organize your work as workload is fluctuating but this is part of consulting actitivites. Keep cool, take a break, being synthetic, these are also qualities of any good consultant.

How is your typical week going?


I spend two to three days at client's office and the rest of the week at the office. I take advantage of my presence at the client's site to energize the project, complete the analyses and report on the progress of the work. Time in our office allows analysis and synthesis of the information gathered during the days spent at the clients.