Regain competitiveness on a weapon system already in service

The client

A major defence player

A weapon system was sold by our customers until the early 2000s, then relaunched in 2014. Significant cost variances are observed by customers, penalizing sales.

A cost target is defined by the management to be competitive on future calls for tenders with a gain of 40% to be filled compared to the reference estimate.

The project must be completed in 3 months.

The project was structured into 4 steps:

  • Analysis of the economic reference
  • Organisation of workshops to seek ideas
  • Grouping of ideas by increasing effort scenarios and evaluation by teams
  • Encryption of complementary outsourcing scenarios

Here are the results

  • The short and medium term scenarios allow savings from 15 to 20%, by integrating non-recurring costs into the calculation
  • An outsourcing scenario, integrating the ideas of the medium-term scenario, makes it possible to reach the validated objective of 40% and to integrate in addition a share of offset for the program

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