Design-for-Variety is about reducing complexity by finding the right balance between value of variety and cost of complexity and leveraging on solutions helping keeping it low.

Complexity reduction is not only a matter of cost reduction. It’s a strategic lever which shapes products, process and organization in favor of higher quality and serviceability. But also better lead-time and time-to-market, higher efficiency and lower costs. However, many businesses find it challenging to achieve the kind of complexity reduction transformation that fully benefit internal interest and external customers. There are numerous subjacent ; and it require a high effort to make things simpler.

We bring all our expertise from our 40 years experiences in the Industry and our own Research Institute to help clients define a concrete complexity reduction roadmap covering both Product, Process and Cultural challenges. We leverage on proprietary diagnostic assessment, methodologies and tools to assess and reduce the complexity. And our partnerships with digital IT provider on IA and data to address in the most efficient way the largest complexity challenges. Whether that’s a (re)defining multi-country multi-brand ranges, disrupting the processes to benefit from modular design time approaches to reduce Time-to-Market and lead-times. Or helping shifting the culture from systematic Engineering to Configure and greater Innovations.

We know your business and we are Industry experts. That makes us uniquely positioned to help you build the best dedicated strategy. To do so, we will help you aligning stakeholders, communicating with the departments as well as the board on a clear approach and results, in order to put the organization toward the common goal.


Establishing a complexity management diagnostic

Our diagnostic enables to quickly (1) identify the maturity of an organization to deal with both complexity cost and variety value and (2) assess stakes and opportunities. Maturity assessment helps to open stakeholders minds to new practices, bringing factual positioning and comparison with other industry leaders. In addition of helping define maturity target, our experts assess the high level opportunities (direct/non-recurring/indirect costs reduction, hidden costs, additional revenues opportunities) to give direction and business case of a potential transformation.

Design-for-Variety assessing stakes: value of variety and cost of complexity

We leverage on our own frameworks and tools to assess in detail the costs driven by the complexity in all departments, and the value of the variety between the organization and its customers. Our partnerships support those assessment by bringing digital tools to perform quick analysis of complex databases and systems.

Securing transformations (products, process, culture)

We help organizations put complexity reduction programs in motion: shaping dedicated and result-oriented approaches. Our Design-for-Variety experts bring benchmarks and knowledge to drive the transformation thanks to fact-based analysis and battle tested approaches and selected workshops.

Building long-term complexity management capabilities

We work with clients to transform the culture and embed complexity reduction into every aspect of the business. Our team of experts and our partnerships help implementing, improving operating models and adopting new tools to ease complexity management.