AI & Data Analytics

AI & Data Analytics: Transforming the healthcare ecosystem with artificial intelligence

Our “AI & Data” research group is dedicated to using artificial intelligence to improve patients’ healthcare prospects.

Faced with massive transformations in the healthcare ecosystem, notably due to an aging population and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases, our aim is to help healthcare industry players adapt to these developments. To do this, we focus on two key issues:

  • Positioning innovations: Identifying the key moments in the target patient journey to effectively introduce innovative solutions.
  • Optimizing clinical trials: Accelerating and optimizing clinical trials through simulation, enabling faster and more effective development of treatments.

At IAC, we are convinced that AI is a powerful lever for meeting tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. It enables decision-makers and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. But also to improve care efficiency and ensure optimal patient care.

Our combined expertise in AI and the healthcare industry enables us to design innovative and unique solutions. These meet the specific needs of our customers and patients. We work closely with healthcare professionals to integrate their challenges in a personalized way.

Our approach is based on the exploitation of real-life data, the application of the latest academic advances and industry best practices. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation for our customers and partners. This includes continually exploring new technologies and algorithmic techniques that will improve patients’ quality of life.

We are convinced that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the world of healthcare. We strive to realize this vision by developing innovative and impactful solutions.