Study the market of inertial sensors for autonomous vehicles

The client

One of the world’s leading suppliers of inertial sensors for aerospace and defense applications 

Our client wishes to position itself on the future market of autonomous level 3 vehicles (“eyes-off”) by 2025.

In this context, IAC was mandated to:

  • Consolidate the target price on completion on large series of inertial sensors for the autonomous vehicle
  • Validate or invalidate a position on this market as a sensor manufacturer

The project was divided into 3 parts:

  • Inertial sensors value analysis (compared to other sensor technologies) to provide vehicle location function
  • Projection of the target selling price of inertial sensors from the solutions proposed on the market
  • Projection of the target sales price of a sensor from our customer located at the expected performance level for the autonomous vehicle and comparison with the target sales price market

For each phase of the project, IAC used structured approaches:

  • Use case analysis and comparison of different sensor technologies
  • RFQs conducted with all the main inertial sensor suppliers on the market, development of a cost projection model in large series, and construction of a cost curve = f(performance)
  • Creativity workshops in multidisciplinary teams (R&D, methods, production, purchasing) on the production site and construction of an automotive Should Cost of our customer’s sensor
  • Consolidation of a target sales price at the expected performance level for the autonomous vehicle
  • Projection of the sales price of our customer’s inertial sensor firmed in automobile volumes

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