Reduce CAPEX / OPEX / delays of a nuclear site decommissioning project by 20%.

The client

A historical world leader in the nuclear sector.

By 2030, our client must ensure the return of waste and the dismantling of a production unit on a nuclear site.

The financial envelope provisioned up to several billion euros must be challenged to identify 1 billion savings.

IAC is part of a multidisciplinary “Task Force” in charge of coordinating cost reduction actions, targeting complementary potentials, defining action levers and specifying the associated conditions for success.

During one year, design choices are analyzed in depth. The methodological tools deployed by IAC during the optimization research workshops allow to:

  • Revisit external constraints
  • Challenge internal constraints 
  • Challenge technical choices
  • Getting it right
  • Reduce committed quantities
  • Search for ranking opportunities

Scenarios are developed on the basis of identified opportunities, on all available levers: basic data, budget, organization, planning

CAPEX/ OPEX exchange values / planning are calculated and a new highly optimized scenario is submitted to Management.

  • 20% savings are identified on the estimated cost at the end of the cycle.
  • The corresponding new planning is generated, accompanied by a detailed risk study.

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