Reduce by 25% the execution process of a global inverter manufacturer

The client

One of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) for the petroleum, gas, power generation and transportation industries.

Our client wants to improve its production process in order to reduce its lead time on the market.

IAC is mandated for 1 year within the project team to structure and lead a process optimization process.

IAC conducted targeted workshops using a value stream mapping approach throughout the production process. A complete mapping has been produced and areas for improvement have resulted from these workshops. Action plans have been put in place to release 25% of lead time on a project.

Among the levers addressed:

  • Restructuring of project implementation
  • Redefining processes
  • Supply chain tools improvement
  • Capitalization on the causes of rework
  • Optimization of administrative tasks
  • Short-term improvements have been implemented on projects.
  • Long-term actions are launched with defined action plans.  Results will be visible one year after mission launch.

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