Participating in the development of the train of the future

The client

A European leader in rail transport

Our customer is working with a railway manufacturer to define tomorrow’s train. It has several hundred unstructured ideas, the majority of which are product-oriented.

Our intervention aims to put the traveller back at the centre of innovation ideas, to structure them into about ten themes and to instruct them to enable the client to make a decision.

The project was structured in 3 phases:

  • A phase of searching for ideas
  • A selection and structuring phase for the themes
  • An instruction phase for subjects and the implementation of integration monitoring indicators

The search for ideas was fed by creativity workshops mixing technical teams and teams in charge of the travel experience.

These ideas were selected and structured into “must-have”, “performance” and “killer-apps” categories via a Kano survey.

Finally, the selected themes were assessed and rated using maturity indicators (technical & supply chain), economic performance (CAPEX, OPEX) and implementation horizon.

  • 750 ideas generated by the teams
  • 13 selected themes that add value and improve the perceived value of the client
  • 8 credibility files supported by market analyses and proposals for major topics
  • 6 monitoring indicators to help our client make trade-offs between themes

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