Launch a Redesign-to-Cost project on a range of IFF transponders

The client

One of the key players in the manufacturing of electronic equipment for the aerospace industry

Our client designs and manufactures IFF transponders use for aircraft, helicopter, UAV and naval markets.

IAC Partners was tasked to set up a cost reduction approach to support our client operational teams identify 24% savings on the transponder.

More over, IAC Partners was mandated to conduct a should-cost of the CBU412 (control unit).

Our client wishes to conduct a “Commando” approach with the identification and securing of potential gains within 3 months. Our approach consists of 6 steps:

  • Cleaning of data and construction of an economic reference for the project
  • Construction of a functional cost allocation and construction of target savings per functions, in line with the global target.
  • Organization of multi-disciplinary workshops to research technical solutions per function
  • Construction of a database of ideas ranked by implementation scenario
  • Construction of the portfolio of “initiative cards” signed by the customer pilots, detailing for each idea the associated level of savings and NRC, and action plan for implantation
  • Preparation of the supplier workshop
  • Product versioning leading to a decrease in the cost price of approximately 30% on both products


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