Control the Design-To-Cost of a radar to reduce the cost of ownership by 50%.

The client

A world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic defense devices.

Our customer wants to develop a new radar product at Objective Cost, starting from scratch. An extremely ambitious economic gap of -50% is targeted compared to the cost of the previous generation.

IAC is mandated to structure and lead the Design-To-Cost process within the pre-study project team for 6 months.

After an initial scoping phase to specify the project’s savings objectives, Objective Cost tools are implemented with the team: functional model, decision tree, value analysis, cost target allocation by function.

Workshops are then planned by function and the different alternatives to the study are then objectively evaluated via multi-criteria scoring matrices. The Price Hub> allows to feed the groups of reflexion by carrying out an upstream marketing purchase and by communicating to the team the first levels of prices resulting from consultations, by technology and for each family of solution.

  • The allocation of cost objectives by function allows the development to be framed and the first technological choices are validated by the team, after selection by multi-criteria matrixes.
  • A 42% decrease in the projected series estimate is obtained during the project.
  • The OBEYA visual management system put in place during the project ensures the team’s coherence and the fulfilment of the commitments of the various business units.

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