Comprehensive analysis of the value proposition for a rapid microbiological testing device

The client

A major medical devices manufacturer

Our client launched a revolutionary product that vastly improved the time to result for microbiological testing over 20 years ago. Now, they want to understand what customers struggle with today. Is time to result still an issue or does the next generation device need to focus on elsewhere?  

IAC was hired to conduct an in-depth customer study to understand what the customer profile looks like today. Uncovering the true pain points and unmet needs was critical for mission success. We focused on three unique market profiles to build our analysis on.

IAC utilized a 3-step method to conduct this market study. First, we met with our client’s key internal stakeholders from the marketing department to the global customer service group to build out a robust set of relevant features and requirements to be considered in the next generation device. Simultaneously, we identified current and potential customers to participate in our study by both completing a survey designed for kano analysis and conducting a full-length interview.

Upon completion of the data gathering stage, IAC conducted an in-depth analysis of the responses. Utilization of the kano methodology allowed us to identify which features need to be prioritized. The customer interviews provided qualitative support to understand why the customers prioritized certain features.

IAC conducted 30+ interviews and received 35+ survey responses from a diverse set of customers from various locations, backgrounds and companies. We built detailed recommendations, outlining the critical success factors while providing a clear roadmap to ensure the results of the survey were included in the next generation device.

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