Boost a team’s creativity to invest in a new segment

The client

A specialist in mountain sports and leisure articles.

Our client wishes to develop a new innovative offer of city trail running shoes.

Constrained by a tight schedule, the search for a “Radical breakthrough” requires the implementation of a ” COMMANDO ” process to create a relevant offer and stick this new segment.

In addition to the steps already taken internally, our client would like to associate IAC for:

  • Improving the creativity of teams
  • Identify a new concept that will become the market reference in its segment

Over a very short period of 2 months, the teams:

  • Define issues, conduct market research, study competitors’ products, meet with technical experts.
  • Organize and lead a creativity seminar over 2 days.
  • Fruitful collaboration of about fifty participants (sportsmen, medical professions, students, designers, industrialists, etc.)
  • Packaging, prototyping and marketing of potential new solutions
  • 3 concepts are presented to the footwear management team

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