Improve the competitiveness of a photovoltaic installation offer

The client

A leading company in the manufacture of electricity management and automation solutions.

In a rapidly growing market, our customer’s management wishes to improve the competitiveness of its photovoltaic installation offer for:

  • Improve and maintain margins in the face of price cuts imposed by the market
  • Create and implement a “core offer
  • Establish and maintain a robust improvement and productivity process
  • Innovate to stay ahead of the competition

Our client wishes to associate IAC to build and animate a competitiveness plan for its photovoltaic offer.

Over a 16-month period, the teams participated in:

  • Building a robust technical and economic reference system
  • Search all leads and breaks
  • Supporting the first projects
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the process

-Mobilisation of the whole organisation (2 seminars of 80 people): 

  • Presentation of short and medium term gain scenarios
  • Batch by batch savings search
  • Project management optimization
  • Innovative new structure design
  • Complete photovoltaic production supervision system
  • Wiring
  • Inverter
  • Civil Engineering
  • Worksite organization
  • Industrialization of assembly operations

– 30% of gains achieved and validated

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