Our vision

Humanity is engaged in a frantic race to save its environment, and it requires immediate action. Industrial companies are at the heart of this battle, from the conception to the end-of-life of the solutions used by our societies.

Today, the question is no longer “should we do it” but “which path to adopt and how to get there.” There are three levels of maturity among industries:

  • The “sustainable” company that is aware of its environmental and social impact and implements initial initiatives to mitigate risks.
  • The “circular” company that compensates for part of its impact through perfect mastery of the end-of-life of its solutions and their revalorization within closed loops.
  • The “regenerative” company that achieves a measurable net positive impact through the ecosystem services provided by the solutions it implements.

Our mission: accelerate your transformation towards a more sustainable model

Our approach

Through our Sustainability Institute, we conduct applied research in partnership with leading players in their sectors. Thus, we have equipped ourselves with cutting-edge tools and methodologies to accompany you through each of the five key stages of your transformation:

  1. Target: We help decision-makers set an ambition by capitalizing on our sectoral and technological expertise.
  2. Measure: We implement the measurement tools that you really need: user-friendly, actionable, and meeting your certification requirements (SmartLCA, IAC footprint, IAC CleanChain).
  3. Improve: We implement our frameworks of optimization levers and benchmarks with you, providing you access to several decades of experience (Design-to-Green, Green Procurement).
  4. Promote: We help you define your value proposition and promote it through the right marketing arguments, securing the appropriate labels and certifications (Cradle-to-Cradle, Ecolabel, etc.).
  5. Embed: We drive the transformation of your organization to embed the practices, tools, and cultural changes that will make your company the sustainable leader in its sector.

Our service offering

We offer our clients a three-dimensional service:

  • Proven expertise and methodologies built over decades of IAC Partners’ existence.
  • Proprietary tools that we customize to meet your needs.
  • Training programs validated by our clients and the most reputable schools (ESSEC, Centrale, INSA, etc.).

What’s Design-to-Green?

Design-to-Green approach combines Design-to-Cost & Ecodesign principles. Leading to product & business model environmental impacts reduction on all scopes while keeping the costs under control.

We built our own tools & methodologies in collaboration with the most advanced industrials, enabling to build an actionable product’s transformation roadmap within a matter of weeks. Then deploying the transformation across all business lines. Our hands-on approach meets all of the 4 key success factors of such initiatives:

  • Measure efficiently: we co-build & implement our SmartLCA & dashboarding tools to accelerate the eco-design process and enable continuous improvement on the KPIs we define with you;
  • Make it concrete: we built & continuously improve our Design-to-Green framework of activable levers to reduce your environmental impact through your business model, product’s design, supply-chain & industrial footprint;
  • Make it viable: we have 40+ years of expertise in defining value propositions & making the solutions competitive. We know how to make it so that eco-design boosts your bottom line, not the contrary.
  • Make it auditable: we follow norms ISO 14 062 and ISO 14 024, so that you can communicate and make environmental allegations about your future eco-design successes.

What’s Green procurement?

Green Procurement is a transformation program where we engage your suppliers & partners in a collaborative approach with your internal stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact on your Scope 3 upstream.


Here’s why IAC is the right partner to deploy this transformation with you:

  • We make it quick whatever the supplier base (from 1 to tens of thousands)– and accelerate the whole approach using cutting-edge tools such as SmartLCA
  • We achieve concrete and quick results with our bootcamp methodology, adapted to each supplier engagement profile
  • We provide you with easy means to steer the transformation, embedding corporate vision and ambitions in our performance management tools

Our expertise in Supplier Relationship Management, is also sometimes key in a circularity-based business model and, in this case, Green Procurement helps addressing the whole Scope 3.

What’s SmartLCA?

Life Cycle Analysis provides a measurement of the environmental impact of a solution from the extraction of raw materials for its further manufacturing to its end-of-life management. It provides a factual basis that serves as a reference in the eco-design process.

Although the methodology is yet to become a part of common skills in companies and is still leading to many questions. We are convinced that this data analytics step shouldn’t slow down the sustainable transformation of industrials. Thus, we developed our own tool – SmartLCA – to speed up the process. The tool relies on globally renowned databases which are updated regularly and is compliant with ISO 14 040 and ISO 14 044 standards.


Coupled with our data visualization and performance management tools. This will get you fully equipped to measure and steer your transformation towards a sustainable business.