Process Industries

Process industries face multiple challenges to remain competitive in their markets, whether it is resource extraction or processing.

IAC is involved in sectors as varied as barter, nuclear, mining and waste management, to optimize process operating costs (OPEX) and strengthen the competitiveness of Total Cost of Ownership investments.

Given the wide variability in demand and profitability requirements of CAPEX, these industries must become more agile and explore innovative schemes with their supply partners, such as leasing facilities with availability commitments, in substitution for their own ownership. Time-to-offer compression is also key to ensure new business is taken on, via accelerated commissioning of facilities. 

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Optimization of investments

Building new units at optimized costs and controlled risks.

Relevant approaches for each phase of the project: Feasibility, APS, ODA, Achievement.

Reduction-Piloting of schedules

Identify alternative solutions to optimize and secure schedules.

Improve the competitiveness of maintenance contracts

Improve the profitability of maintenance contracts for the installed base, in the offer or execution phase.

 Improve operational decommissioning costs

Stop facilities.

Reclaim and store ultimate waste. 

Manage installations while ensuring safe planning, costs and risks.

Improve the project delivery process

Ensure the best possible alignment between project owner(s), prime contractor(s) and subcontractors, including subdivision and contract control.

Improve development processes within project teams.

Reduce the cost of your families Purchasing through transversal approaches

Set up cross-functional competition actions to reduce your purchasing commitments by using a wide variety of levers: technical, sourcing, supplier workshops, etc.

Déployer le Design-To-Cost sur vos installations, équipements et consommables

After the upstream phase, drive your developments through costs and arbitrate cost / performance trade-offs.

Tangible results at each mission

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