Private Equity

Driven by increased interest from investors looking for new sources of return, the private equity sector has been raising record amounts of capital for several years. On the other hand, competition has increased significantly, driving prices for corporate acquisitions to historic highs and multiplying the financial risks of each transaction.

Given this situation, value creation requires not only operational excellence, but also the definition and implementation of breakthrough strategies (buy-and-build, internationalization, digital transformation, etc.) across the investment portfolio.

With more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, energy, process, healthcare and transportation industries, IAC Partners supports private equity players from acquisition strategy to investment valuation.

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Evaluate opportunities during due diligence

IAC Partners assesses the attractiveness of targeted companies through commercial, operational, technical and/or strategic due diligence with the aim of identifying future value creation potential that can be activated once the deal is closed. (read our case studies [link]).

Optimize and create value

For more than 30 years, IAC Partners has been helping large industrial groups, SMEs and start-ups to implement operational excellence initiatives and define breakthrough strategies. This unique experience enables IAC Partners to propose actions with rapidly measurable results (see our case studies [link]).

Support for the digital transformation

The digitalization of companies is a key challenge to increase the value of a company. IAC Partners supports industrial companies in internal transformation to improve operational efficiency (ERP implementation, digital sourcing tools, etc.), in defining new business models.

Structure to support the rapid growth of tech startups

Start-ups that are in a strong growth phase develop in stages. Each stage brings new challenges, requires the acquisition of new skills and the adaptation of teams and processes.

Today, the experience of IAC Partners is concretized through a dedicated accompaniment at each stage of the company’s development, the promotion of agility in established groups and the structuring of the activity of companies in a hyper-growth phase

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