Companies in the health sector are confronted with fundamental transformations: strong pressure on costs, normative changes, predictive medicine, medicine at home, additive manufacturing, etc.

Adapting to these transformations is imperative for all players, whether they are developers, integrators or distributors and whether they wish to attack a new market or consolidate a position.

IAC accompanies them to define the best value proposition for patients, to integrate innovation and reduce their direct and time-to-market costs.

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Designing new equipment at objective cost

Objectives: formalize the value proposition, identify and select the optimal technical solutions and reduce time-to-market.

Reduce the cost of serial equipment produced by an integrator

Objectives: identify the main cost levers and then define and implement an optimization strategy on the technical and purchasing axes.

Design modular equipment ranges

Design modular and versatile product families with optimized time-to-market and minimized specific adaptation costs

Reduce total cost of care

Calculate for a given treatment the total cost of care and identify low-cost alternative solutions with connected or integrated Design-To-Value equipment methods.

Analyse your market and define a suitable business model and equipment

Objective: understand your market and its players, define an appropriate revenue model and equipment specifications.

Reduce your purchase costs

Set up cross-functional competition actions to reduce your purchasing commitments by using a wide variety of levers: technical, sourcing, supplier workshops, etc.

Valuing the contributions of Additive Manufacturing

Identify and exploit the concrete benefits of additive manufacturing, to increase the value of your products, reduce the cost of your operations and accelerate your projects.

Connect your equipment

Objectives: Mastering the challenges of connecting your equipment: data to measure and record, choice of sensors and information transmission technologies, manufacturing and time-to-market costs.

Shorten development schedules and make them more reliable

Optimize your launch schedules by identifying alternative development logics in a Value Stream Mapping approach.Securing execution by implementing the innovative piloting practices of Lean Engineering.

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