Design-to-Green is an industrial development method that consists in integrating the environment from the conception of a product or a service, and during all the stages of its life cycle, while controlling the costs and the time-to-market. The approach is therefore on the borderline between ecodesign and design-to-cost.

With its strong technical DNA and expertise in production costs, IAC Partners has developed approaches that significantly reduce the environmental impact of products while containing costs, through choices of business model, architecture, materials, or manufacturing.

Design-to-Green can be deployed at the scale of:

  • a product or a product line.
  • of an organization to manage its environmental KPIs in a sustainable way.

On product projects, the objective is to minimize the environmental footprint of an existing product (Redesign-to-Green) or a product under development (design-to-green) while controlling costs.

The approach is in 3 steps:

  • Analyze the current footprint via a simplified LCA and define the main levers
  • Identify optimization opportunities and evaluate them on environmental and economic impacts
  • Choose the optimal scenarios and manage the implementation

On organizational projects, the objective is to accompany an organization in its transformation towards a more sustainable model, in other words, one that designs its products in a native “design-to-green” manner.

We have built a framework that allows to model the maturity of an organization in the control of its environmental KPIs. This framework allows us to validate the priorities and the areas of work to be carried out.


Tangible results at each mission

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July 20, 2022

Secure the development schedule of a new compressor

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Addressing a robust claim of 2M€ to the contractor of a structural work

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Redesign the quality audit policy to improve the perceived value of products

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Transfer the entire production of electronic boards in a short period of time

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Reduce by 70% the number of references managed without reducing the variety of the offer of a hydraulic motor manufacturer

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Implement Design-To-Cost Methodology on the disposable card of a PCR testing instrument to reduce costs by 65%

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Reduce by 25% the execution process of a global inverter manufacturer

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Reduce CAPEX / OPEX / delays of a nuclear site decommissioning project by 20%.

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Carry out the competitiveness audit of the future participation of an investment fund in Due Diligence phase

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