Transfer the entire production of electronic boards in a short period of time

The client

A world leader in medical imaging.

Our client wishes to anticipate the failure of its EMS to replenish with a new partner, in a short time, the totality of its portfolio of electronic cards. IAC is in charge of the project as a whole, from the identification of potential suppliers, their consultation and selection, to their validation after on-site audits.

Over a short period of 7 months, all of our customer’s boards are transferred to a new state-of-the-art player:

Requirements specification

  • Re-configuration of control plans with suppliers to simplify to the maximum
  • The margins taken by teams between high-level performance specifications and final dimensioning are investigated
  • Introducing new environmental constraints
  • Introducing quality feedback to reduce rejections and ….


  • Identification of new components to prevent technical obsolescences
  • Redesigns of boards to integrate the rules of the art and simplify the manufacturing process by EMS
  • Electronic redesigns to make products compatible with new ROHS regulations.
  • Validation of alternative materials to get out of  monopolistic situations


  • Direct management of component manufacturer to secure failed supplier supplies and build security inventory for transfer
  • Search for competent suppliers capable of working in project mode to rapidly integrate all boards of our customer’s subcontractor 
  • Development of an integrated supplier audit questionnaire based on our client’s requirements and selected supplier audit
  • Validation of the choice of supplier with our customer’s Purchasing Department in the United States
  • 100% of end customers are delivered on time
  • New supplier is selected through a rigorous process
  • Transfer is completed within a limited time
  • 3 new functional test benches are being developed
  • High productivity is generated for the customer with a ROI of 1 year
  • A 2-year technical productivity plan is generated to consolidate future gains

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