Supporting a major defense player on its procurement transformation program

The client

A European defense actor

As part of the transformation programme at group level, the client chooses IAC to carry out competitive actions on a consolidated basis of 250 million euros. The gains, whose initial objectives are set at 20% of the purchasing portfolio, must be identified and secured over a period of 10 weeks.
To achieve the objectives, IAC consultants solicit the participation of several entities based in Europe and propose a dynamic and multi-party methodology.

In view of the delays, IAC consultants propose 3 complementary methodologies carried out in parallel

1- Product-oriented approach:

  • Multi-third work sessions are organized for the 10 most representative products of the addressed portfolio. In their facilitation roles, consultants challenge teams in one-day workshops. Ideas for redesigning or optimizing purchasing and industrialization are identified. They will be followed by short-term maturity plans, following which gains are validated and secured.

2- Supplier Oriented Approach:

  • Using the “purchasing chessboard” methodology, facilitating the evaluation of relationships and supplier contexts, 10 strategic partners of the client are proposed the holding of competence workshops. Preparation and analysis sessions are conducted with purchasing teams upstream of meetings in order to identify the negotiation levers to be activated, then downstream to secure the gains.

3- Transverse approach:

  • IAC consultants audit the optimization methods of the purchasing team’s portfolio. This observation phase gives rise to the proposal of a transfer of methodological skills, allowing among other things the creation of a computerized tool of should cost made available to teams.
  • The methodology approach proposed as well as the dynamism instilled by the IAC teams make it possible to meet the earnings objectives set by the client.
  • The client identifies new, high-potential, competitive, and partnership-driven suppliers through analysis. The quality of TSI approaches, recognized by the client, leads to “sharing of skills among teams during the course as well as following the mission”.

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