Secure the development schedule of a new compressor

The client

A global compressor manufacturer

As part of the launch of a technically different product in its product range, our customer wants to secure its planning and development of this new product, set up a testing and testing strategy and finally define a planning for industrial production.

IAC  is mandated to structure and lead the project management process during 8 months within the project team during the design and test phase.

After an initial stage of analysis of the stages from construction to production, we accompanied the teams in the definition of a project phasing for a rapid market launch via an analysis of value chains.

In order to secure the design and production start-up, we carried out with the help of the various project stakeholders a functional analysis as well as a production procedure to carry out a FMEA Product and a FMEA Process.

We also assisted them in the sourcing and industrialization process of this new product.

  • A phased development schedule in line with sales objectives.
  • An action plan to secure the technical capabilities of the product.
  • A costing of the needs for a series production.
  • A first estimate of the cost price of the new product.

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