Redesign the quality audit policy to improve the perceived value of products

The client

Un leader mondial sur le segment de la couverture de toit.

Suffering from a lack of market confidence regarding the quality of its products, our client has decided to launch a global initiative to mobilize its organization and deeply reverse the trend over the long term, improve its overall quality performance, be proud of its know-how and make it known.

Our client wishes to associate IAC for:

  • Review its quality system
  • Boosting the implementation of the new system
  • Involving the entire organization around a common dynamic

For a period of 6 months, the teams worked for:

  • Identify the main areas of work to bring the organization towards excellence in terms of quality
  • Put real product performance and market needs into perspective
  • Involve and empower all Business Units 
  • Define a common and shared quality manual
  • Facilitate the management of key performance indicators through appropriate visual communication
  • Communicate internally and externally on the actions undertaken and the benefits implemented
  • Development of questionnaires and audits on 3 pilot sites (France, Poland, Spain) before deployment on the 5 other sites
  • Functional approach and implementation of an FMECA Product and Process system
  • Supply of a Quality Box with the 10 main priorities (reformulation of specifications, industrialization procedure of new products, training, quality reinforcement in the organization, management of versatility and polycompetence of operators, implementation of process cards, revision of con-trol plans, definition and implementation of defect libraries, complete management cycle of non-conformities, follow-up audit)
  • Definition and implementation of quality performance indicators for 100% of the company’s functions
  • Definition and implementation of visual management in production
  • Development of new product training for marketing and sales teams

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