Pilot the Design-To-Cost of a new range of truck cabs

The client

One of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of trucks.

Our client has initiated the development of a new range of cabins, designed to renew its mid-range offer.

The launch of a new truck cab is always a major event for a manufacturer, as range renewals are much less frequent than in the consumer car sector.

In the upstream phase, very tight economic control must ensure that budget allocations by function are maintained, at a time when teams must meet the delicate challenge of designing a product offering new functionalities and improved performance, at a cost that is not significantly higher than that of the previous generation.

Benefiting from a solid experience in design with objective cost, IAC is mandated to support the technical teams and purchase on about fifteen perimeters, going from the dashboard to the steering column, with for mission to ensure the coherence between the technical choices and the expressed need, in the respect of the cost objectives.

IAC consultants are deployed at the heart of customer platforms and work in close coordination with Workpackage managers on each of the subjects.

Value analysis exercises are animated on subjects where the profusion of proposals issued by suppliers makes it difficult to prioritize.

The IAC team carries out the reverse costing of new technical proposals transmitted by suppliers to enable buyers to strongly challenge the first price levels received.

Co-engineering and negotiation workshops are also organised and run by IAC at potential tier 1 equipment manufacturers.

On several perimeters on which IAC has been mandated, reverse costings make it possible to return to price levels consistent with the technical content.

The value analysis exercises are used to arbitrate the levels of functionality and performance retained in the designs.

Supplier workshops consolidate price targets and participate in the development of cost reduction idea lists jointly investigated by our client and equipment manufacturers.

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