Control the Design-To-Cost of a medical equipment to reduce costs by 50%

The client

A global player in dental imaging equipment.

Our client wishes to develop a product to position itself in a new market for the fast-machining of dental crowns for dental offices. To do so, it must master the integration of new technologies and the associated supply chain in a short period of time.

Pricing becomes important to compete against other companies who are already well-established.

Specifically, a 50% improvement must be made on the cost in relation to the definition of the first prototypes received. IAC is mandated to initiate a Design-To-Cost project for the serial version of this machine. Important sourcing work is also needed in order to identify reliable and competitive industrial partners for laying the new technological bricks.

A first phase makes it possible to consolidate the project’s economic reference, by carrying out the best projection of serial cost to iso-determination. Sourcing initiatives are also initiated by the team’s The Price Hub.

In a second step, sourcing initiatives and RFQs are finalized and fed to the project team with technological alternatives and supplier panel proposals.

Technical and negotiation workshops are held with the most promising suppliers. Cost targets are constructed for each sub-assembly.

The IAC project is closed with the consolidation of a serial costing projection that meets the customer’s objective and the provision of an industrial roadmap listing the validation actions to be carried out to ensure convergence.

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