Boost the productivity of an aeronautical equipment manufacturer

The client

An aeronautical equipment manufacturer

A world-renowned aircraft manufacturer is launching a strategic competitiveness program with all of its suppliers. The program concerns a flagship model with long-haul range, in service since 2011 with more than 40 companies.

Several competitiveness initiatives have been launched in the past and have already largely been optimized. New sources of savings must be found both for airlines (reduced fuel consumption, simplified maintenance operations, etc.) and for the manufacturer, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the program for years to come.

Faced with the specific features of the aeronautics sector (regulatory, competition, technological) our client wants all ideas to be validated by the end customer within 6 months. As doors are a central element, close cooperation is established between the equipment manufacturer and the manufacturer to ensure the consistency of the project.

The IAC Partners team begins a 4-step process:

  • Clarification and mapping of the economic reference frame
  • IAC workshop (in France) to generate potential savings with the equipment manufacturer
  • Two weeks of workshops with the end customer in North America (project teams, experts and decision-makers). This time of on-site exchanges also makes it possible to create links between the various actors to facilitate decision-making.
  • Detailed development planning and risk analysis (Monte-Carlo)
  • The savings target (15%) is exceeded by the IAC Partners teams: 20% identified and validated with the end customer thanks in particular to the use of innovative technologies (new materials, surface treatment, new mechanics)
  • A new concept for the door is being developed following our intervention
  • Implementation of ideas planned until 2020. IAC Partners is involved in the follow-up

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