Lead a ReDesign-To-Cost project of a range of products around a common technical platform

The client

A Brazilian leader in household appliances.

Facing fierce and multiple competition, our client would like to optimize the unit cost of its product to be more competitive on the Brazilian market.

Our client wishes to associate IAC for:

  • Launch a ReDesign-To-Cost initiative for a complete range of products
  • Build the next technical platform for its products around electric motors
  • Redefining the supplier panel to build the future

For a period of 3 months, the teams worked for:

  • Understanding actual performance needs
  • Put into perspective the technical solutions initially selected and their cost/performance performance
  • Identify the relevant market players to provide the best service
  • Organize a workshop with selected suppliers to identify and validate optimum solutions
  • Negotiate the best conditions with selected suppliers
  • Validate the selected solutions (technical and suppliers)
  • Contractualize and organize pre-series

Beyond the actions carried out on mechanical components, special attention has been paid to electric motors, which represent a preponderant part of the total cost:

  • To rely on the expertise of the suppliers to realize an optimized co-design of solution
  • Resizing of the motor range from standard sheet metal packages at the selected supplier
  • Improvement of the heat dissipation of the motors to optimize the life of the products
  • Integration of aluminium winding instead of copper
  • Choice of a new type of magnet
  • Integration of a standard control board
  • 22% savings and long-term price security through contracts

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