Design-to-Green: our innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of products by creating competitive advantages.


Nowadays, eco-design is no longer an option.

Companies must meet the sustainability challenge by taking the right approach. This is done by using the right tools and by integrating costs and market impact into their decisions. However, evaluating these market factors and coordinating them with business issues while also integrating them into product management processes remain major constraints in the industry.

With this in mind, we have developed a simple, reliable, and turnkey solution to reduce the environmental impact of products: Design-to-Green.


The Design-to-Green method was created to help companies:

  • Measure the environmental footprint 10 times faster than other tools available on the market, thanks to the Smart LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Systematically and efficiently examine all policy levers, taking into account costs and market impact
  • Make informed decisions based on their business and environmental objectives, consumer demands, and brand reputation

This approach has already worked for many industrial companies. For example, in the electrical engineering, consumer goods, and medical device industries, many companies have seen their carbon footprint reduced by up to 50% and have been able to make specific claims in the marketplace to differentiate themselves.

Design-to-Green is not just about using less material, less water, or designing circular patterns. We also train teams to adopt these practices on a daily basis.

We offer a free consultation to introduce the approach in detail and work with you to select the best product with which to start.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative solution and its impact on reducing environmental footprints, please visit the Design-to-Green website:

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Design-to-Green is an innovative solution to the growing need for sustainability in industry. By offering this approach, we help companies reduce their environmental impact while creating quality products and services for consumers.

If you are looking to improve your ecological footprint and take environmental issues into account in your business, Design-to-Green is the solution for you. We offer a free consultation to present the approach in detail and choose the best product with which to start. Please contact the Design-to-Green expert to learn more about this innovative solution.

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