Charging stations

Charging stations

The widespread availability of charging stations, whether at home or at the destination, is a key factor in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and thus decarbonizing mobility. In a constantly evolving market, it is essential to adopt informed strategic orientations as soon as possible to ensure the best positioning. This is why IAC Partners has conducted an in-depth prospective study on private charging stations (excluding public roads), which will represent 90% of the installed base worldwide by 2030, in order to assess the challenges and identify the key issues.

Our study is structured around two fundamental pillars. The first pillar focuses on market size, with a particular emphasis on the European market to 2030. The second pillar looks at how players in the value chain are organizing themselves to meet this growing demand.

Our study

Here is an overview of the key findings of our study:

The global charging station market:

  1. Will reach between 140 and 200 million units by 2030 globally.
  2. Structured around three distinct segments: domestic, public with limited access and fleet.
  3. In Europe, the market is mainly focused on domestic users, representing 50% in terms of value and 70% in terms of units.

The charging station value chain:

  1. Is divided into four key links: energy suppliers, charging station suppliers, operators and services. The players are looking to get closer to the customer to develop their business.
  2. The majority of sales (60%) are made through energy suppliers (energy service providers) and charging point operators (CPOs).

To go further

To go further, several structuring questions arise, such as:

  1. Evolution of sales prices: How will sales prices evolve in the coming months/years depending on the power of the terminal and the sales channel?
  2. Relative weight of sales channels: What is the relative weight of the main sales channels such as marketplaces, wholesalers and electricians? What is the current trend?
  3. Value proposition: What value propositions should be targeted to integrate current trends, such as standardization of power levels and differentiation through options?

Download our full study for more detailed information and contact our experts will answer your specific questions.

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