Case studies

More than 30 years of concrete achievements at the service of your competitiveness

Improving the competitiveness of a closet door manufacturer

A major player in France and in Europe on the closet door market.

Boost a team's creativity to invest in a new segment

A specialist in mountain sports and leisure articles.

Participating in the development of the train of the future

A European leader in rail transport

Study the market of inertial sensors for autonomous vehicles

One of the world’s leading suppliers of inertial sensors for aerospace and defense applications  

Regain competitiveness on a weapon system already in service

A major defence player

Support the launch of a new electronic device in the consumer market

Major manufacturer of professional electronic devices

Define a short-term strategy to extend commercial successes beyond Europe

A major provider of windows and doors accessories 

Streamline the innovation portfolio of a major player in the pharmaceutical industry

A major pharmaceutical player

Carry out the competitiveness audit of the future participation of an investment fund in Due Diligence phase

A foreign investment fund based in Northern Europe, in the middle of a due diligence process.