Industrial equipment

Under pressure from legislators, competitors and customers, industrial environments are becoming increasingly complex and constrained..

Faced with such a challenge, the challenges facing industrial equipment manufacturers are numerous.

Evolving towards modular product ranges to satisfy a wide variety of needs by controlling complexity and costs, offering innovative standard and/or customized solutions rather than simple components to capture larger markets. But also to broaden the offer of services around the product/solution to generate more added value for customers. The search for innovation to achieve the best balance between perceived value and costs for the company is the main focus of IAC’s missions.

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Control complexity and costs with two approaches adapted to the challenges and available means

Platforming and Modular Design: in a large-scale Top-Down approach after the marketing and technical specification of the range, generate modular functions from standard components. Then, on the basis of a modular architecture defined in its entirety, launch the development and marketing of the individual modules in the range following an adapted roadmap.

Standardization: in a compact Bottom-Up approach over the short to medium term, reduce the diversity of components and subsets to generate rapid results with a controlled effort. This is often an early stage to gain skills and then tackle a Top-Down approach..

Define more attractive and better remunerated business models

Capture, even generate additional needs by amplifying

-product functionality: adaptable, configurable, capable of self-diagnosis, predictive maintenance, integrated into a 4.0 plant, easy to install and maintain by low skilled personnel and with efficient means.“”

-product services: configuration, installation and commissioning, maintenance or even operation of products that become a simple means of delivering a service. 

All this while controlling the costs of the solutions and services offered with regard to the clients’s expectations.

Optimize perceived values and product costs

Conduct structured and focused initiatives with Marketing, Design, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Customer Service experts to identify the best balance between values and costs. In this Innovation challenge, the two components serve to bring more to customers at a reduced cost.

 Optimize development, industrialization and commissioning times and/or costs

IAC helps you during the development phase to control and optimize:

 -value and Costs Total (products and services) : interpretation of standards and customer needs, creation of documents, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly and testing, reworks, non-quality, overheads subcontracting, commissioning, operation, maintenance, etc.

 -technical/technological architecture of the system that should optimize the value/cost chain and the possibility of evolution (variants, options, connectivity, etc.)

Connect your equipment

Master the issues involved in connecting your equipment : Identify opportunities, imagine concepts, evaluate customer and manufacturer benefits, adapt business model, data, measure and record, define functions, select sensors and information processing technologies, select the best partners, control manufacturing costs and time-to-market.

Reduce your purchasing costs

50 to 80% of your costs are component and material purchases. IAC accompanies you in setting up cross-functional competition actions to reduce your purchasing expenses by activating a wide variety of levers: technical, sourcing, supplier workshops, etc.

Tangible results with each mission

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