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A look back at a day of mentoring

On March 19, our entire firm met virtually to help entrepreneur Frédéric Ohayon accelerate his project of small household appliances (it is still confidential, so we can’t reveal anything yet).

In the words of Fabien Pascal, Manager of our Lyon office and pilot of the project for IAC Partners, “DREAM days are an opportunity for all of us to get together and work collectively, (newcomers and more experienced mixed together) for one whole day on a hands-on case. We wanted to put more service and utility in these DREAM days, so we contacted the Neuilly Lab to connect us with a start-up interested in our services and ready to be challenged.

Very quickly, we were put in touch with Frédéric Ohayon, who wants to launch a revolutionary breakfast machine. We defined two working groups: one focused on 'design-to-cost' and the other on the creation of innovative business models.”

Alice Martin, co-organizer: “Frédéric's objective was to have at the end of the day a detailed idea of the investments and a cost breakdown, the trade-offs to be made on the price-volume equation and guidance on the materials considered. On the Business Model portion, Frédéric wanted to challenge the current market study, investigate the different customer segments that could be addressed, and get tangible go-to-market strategies. It was quite a challenge in an 8-hour day, but it was accomplished in a very good atmosphere!”

“A big thank you to you and the IAC Partners team for this day. It allowed me to take a step back on my project, and to reconsider some ideas I had put aside. I was also impressed by the energy of the teams, the ability to share tasks (despite their respective constraints) and the ‘straight to the point’ mentality... in short, my ex-consultant's heartstrings were tugged” concludes Frédéric.

If you are also an entrepreneur with a project with a strong industrial dimension, do not hesitate to contact Alice Martin. We will be delighted to accompany you in your project.

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