Supplier Workshops

With its innovative, structured approach, IAC carries out a technical and economic analysis of your projects and suggests concrete recommendations that can be implemented quickly and will lead to savings.

The success of IAC's cost reduction projects often involves working collaboratively with your supplier partners.

Suppliers have much of the knowledge needed to define the most appropriate and competitive design for a production process. During the idea enrichment phase, Design or Redesign to Cost initiatives led by our teams of consultants include organising cost reduction workshops with your main suppliers.

The purpose of these workshops is to analyse the most significant cost drivers in their bids with the active participation of your suppliers. The supplier workshops organised by IAC are a means of working together to identify opportunities for improving competitiveness through specification, design, procurement terms, production or logistics.

Backed by IAC's experience gained over many missions, these co-design workshops are the best way of developing a high-performance product for the best price with you and your suppliers. The format varies, but the workshops usually last a day. They are led by our consultants, following careful preparation carried out in partnership with your procurement and technical teams.

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