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  • Replay - Hydrogen for railway: a realistic alternative to diesel?

Replay - Hydrogen for railway: a realistic alternative to diesel?


This webinar will introduce the challenges of the hydrogen powered train as well as the opportunities arising from its development and the challenges that remain to be met.

This technology will be compared (from a technical and cost standpoint) with other propulsion means such as diesel and batteries.

The benefits of hydrogen will be analyzed for different types of rolling stock (regional trains, freight, etc.) and an overview of the players active in this will be drawn up.

The agenda

  • Comparison of H2 with other propulsion means
  • Key players of the hydrogen railway transportation ecosystem
  • Technical challenges to be tackled
  • 4 key challenges for deploying H2 rail transportation on a large scale
  • Rolling stock market segments eligible for H2
  • Total Cost of Ownership of H2 trains  
  • Conclusion & takeaways
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