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Hear what our consultants say…

Jeanne did a 3-month engineering internship at IAC Partners in North America for one of the global leaders in air catering.

  • At IAC Partners, I had the opportunity to do my internship in North America, for one of the major air catering firms. My role was to analyze expenditure per meal tray and to prepare workshops with the chefs, Procurement, and the various departments in order to arrive at a finalized list of raw materials. In addition to technical skills, this engineering internship gave me the chance to discover the world of consulting as part of a dynamic and enthusiastic team with an excellent group spirit. I was able to observe and draw upon the competencies I acquired in engineering college, making the 11-week internship a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

Floriane worked on more than 5 different projects during her 6-month internship. 

  • In the course of a 6-month engineering internship, I had the opportunity to work on more than 5 different projects. The one that made the biggest impression on me was a market study on autonomy in transportation for a historic aviation and defense player. From the very outset of my internship, I was fully integrated into the project team. We began by carrying out some bibliographic research into the topic. The second phase of the project was to put together a presentation for the executive committee, based on the analytical work that had been done, and to recommend strategic orientations. I appreciated the degree of independence the consultants were given, the team spirit, and the coaching structures in place at IAC. Every day, I developed new skills, and the managers were very supportive and approachable.

Noranne, on a 2-month internship, worked on a retrofit program for more than 350 aircraft.

  • I did a 2-month internship at the French office of IAC during which I participated in a retrofit project for a major defense actor. First, we had to find new suppliers for all components with the teams, validate with them the potential for improvement and share them with the client. The second phase of the project consisted in studying the retrofit schedule of 350 aircraft already in service in the armed forces. On this occasion, I held a meeting with all the project stakeholders (internal teams, management committee, suppliers, etc.) to discuss our recommendations.

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