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Cost Optimization in times of a pandemic

The world as we know it has changed abruptly. After years of unprecedented economic expansion in all major economies, a correction has been long overdue.

However, its form is as unexpected as the magnitude of its impact. The COVID-19 crisis has caught the world off guard, disrupting markets while bringing consumer confidence to an all time low.

Since the spread of the pandemic throughout the world, economies have experienced disruptions at all levels. Supply chains have faltered due to the drop in critical manufacturing in China, thus challenging the traditional risk/cost benefits of the macro-economics of globalization. National lockdowns have impacted customer demand and triggered business closures, resulting in unprecedented unemployment levels. Oil prices are back to pre-1973 oil crisis levels, and housing markets are slowing in developed economies. Events of this magnitude will not only reduce economic growth for future quarters, but also leave social damage not seen since The Great Depression of 1929. This will have a rippling effect on future demand.

Trying to survive the uncertainty and volatility, businesses will have to manage cash more efficiently while their liquidity situation is negatively affected. They will have to balance rapid cost-cutting while simultaneously transforming their business model to leverage the upside of turbulence.

To improve the bottom line of any business, it is critical to identify and understand all cost optimization levers that can be activated for the specific situation the company is facing.

In the meantime, it is critical to mitigate supply chain risks and maintain access to customers while national lockdowns and travel bans disrupt  the usual channels.

Through our 4 practices, we have developed tools and frameworks to identify:

  • Short term levers that can be activated rapidly to score quick-wins and navigate the COVID-19 crisis
  • Transformation levers to lock-in sustainable savings and build strategies and business models more resilient to future disruptions

We partner with your team to investigate and reveal all cost optimization opportunities along your value chain.

We highlight and set up activities to collect short and long-term cost savings, and to track implementation with our dedicated tools.

We understand that in situations like the COVID-19 crisis, risk and reward sharing is key to aligning incentives, which is why we are willing to work on a success-based fee agreement at your convenience.

Our Team

Our team is composed of competitiveness experts with cross-industry experience. With a global presence, we are highly experienced in solving complex strategic & operational issues in constrained environments.

We support our clients to navigate new environments, neutralize threats, and accommodate the dynamic situations that arise with increased turbulence. We believe that competitiveness is the ability to constantly adapt to change while leaving no stone unturned.

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