Energy & Electrical Engineering

The energy and electrical engineering industries, from low to very high voltage, are facing ever more specific and demanding customer requirements.

The diversity of end applications makes the constant need to adapt to different environments even more complex.

In cyclical and competitive markets where responsiveness is key to sustainable existence, the competitive industrialisation of their product ranges is one of the challenges they face with IAC.

Energy & Electrical Engineering

Optimize development, industrialization and commissioning times and/or costs

IAC helps you in the development phase to control and optimize:

 -total value and costs (products and services): interpretation of customer standards and needs, document creation, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly and testing, reworks, non-quality, overheads of subcontracting, commissioning, operation, maintenance, etc.

 -technical/technological architecture of the system that should optimize the value/cost chain and the potential for evolution (variants, options, connectivity, etc.).

Mettre en place un système modulaire

IAC vous aide à constuire une architecture de gamme de produits modulaire, afin de répondre dans des temps toujours courts, à la diversité des exigences sur-mesure de vos clients. Nous définissons les systèmes modulaires pour générer de la customisation client au moindre coût en partant d’une offre catalogue et d’éléments (fonctions, composants) standard. Cela permet d'adresser toujours plus de marchés sans subir les inconvénients induits par la diversité.

Designing a product at objective cost

Market access requires the achievement of an economic objective. Also, IAC accompanies you from the upstream phase to work all cost drivers through a value analysis approach. Interpretation and optimal response to customer needs and standards are essential in this approach.

The design to the exact need is done by challenging the initial specifications, imagining simplified and optimized technical solutions, which will be concretized by an active collaboration with the best partners.

Rebuild a margin level on an existing range

Certification / approval costs are sometimes too high compared to market volumes to undertake a complete redesign. IAC accompanies you on purchasing activities and design optimization to implement possible productivity and maintain profitability on these product lines.

Connect your equipment

Objectives: Mastering the challenges of connecting your equipment: data to measure and record, choice of sensors and information transmission technologies, manufacturing and time-to-market costs.

Reduce your purchasing costs

50 to 80% of your costs are component and material purchases. IAC accompanies you in setting up cross-functional competition actions to reduce your purchasing expenses by activating a wide variety of levers: technical, sourcing, supplier workshops, etc.

Shorten development schedules and make them more reliable

Optimize your launch schedules by identifying alternative development logics in a Value Stream Mapping approach. S&eaco;curing execution by implementing the innovative piloting practices of Lean Engineering.


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