Unleash the power of data

Today’s customers generate unprecedented amounts of data by using e.g. smart homes, social media, mobile apps, online shops or connected cars. The quantity of data has enormous potential to transform businesses and industries. It changes how companies make business decisions, which technologies they use, and how they build whole ecosystems of partners.

It is a welcome development that companies have come to realize, that valuing data as a strategic asset can help them gain a competitive edge. In view of the increasing importance for the long-term success of a company, IT managers expect that a large part of future investment budgets of companies will be related to analytics. Current studies show that state-of-the-art analysis strategies have become part of most business initiatives. In fact, 51% of C-level executives of large companies in North America and Europe say that analytics is essential to maintain and increase market share over the next two years.

As this change is happening, however, companies find it increasingly difficult to unleash its full potential. Artificial intelligence, data science and big data are relatively new concepts that are powerful yet require some business and technology transformation to extract its full value.

Typical areas where data can provide valuable insights and tremendous advantages are:

  • Automating operations and supply chains
  • Optimizing capacity allocations (e.g. resources, capital, time)
  • Predicting future trends and behaviors
  • Understanding customers and being more customer-centric

Let’s take a view on that latter…

Great companies set themselves apart by providing an outstanding customer journey, highly personalized customer communication and customer-oriented engagement. All these features can be subsumed under the central term of customer-centricity.

But what does it take to be customer-centric?

To ensure that this does not remain an empty phrase and that customers really take center stage, companies must first understand their customers better and analyze their needs. The information required for this is contained in the data that consumers leave at numerous touchpoints. Failing to harvest these amounts of business-critical knowledge means failing to be customer-centric and giving away one important factor of your competitive edge.

IAC Partners takes a comprehensive approach and guides this transformation in a way that generates benefits quickly, while setting the stage for success.

As a first step, we define tailor-made strategies and develop your business targets for a data-driven decision-making. In addition, we support you in the conception of data & analytics models that fit into existing corporate structures. To ensure that the defined measures generate sustainable added value for the company, aspects such as cultural change, the use of modern technologies and agile methods are taken into account.

By using advanced data analysis, your company will gain valuable insights from data. Modern analytical methods such as machine learning, statistical modeling and neural networks are used to identify unused potential in various applications. For that we are partnering up with the leader in data analysis, L2F. From the results of the data analyses, recommendations for actions can be derived, which we work out together with you to concrete measures and implement operationally. Thus, structured results are obtained from unstructured data, which result in lean processes, increased productivity and effectiveness, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to developing advanced analytics solutions, we accompany and support your digital transformation process by implementing state-of-the-art technologies. IT architectures do not merely function as storage media but form the basis for tapping the full potential of data and advanced analyses. By developing modern, scalable technologies such as cloud storage and serverless IT architectures, we ensure your competitiveness in the digital age.

Start your data journey!

IAC Partners supports you on your journey to fully unleash the power of your data and stay ahead of the game.

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