Supply Chain Operations & Process

Many supply chain executives struggle to match their companies’ growth ambitious with the capabilities of the supply chain operations. Many admit that their supply chains lack the speed and agility to effectively compete with new market entrants. However, many executives also fail to recognize dependency on customer experience and process, as well as network integration. Therefore, most of the initiatives are still focused on cost reduction and efficiency gains rather than improvement of customer experience metrics whilst optimizing supply chain operations.

The success of any supply chain integration very much depends on a shared understanding of key business processes. Lack of such integration, strategic and operational alignment can hinder innovation, reduce efficiencies, increase cost, risks and turn existing and potential customers away.

To develop a world-class supply chain, we place special attention and focus on process design taking into consideration current and future requirements, your business objectives and goals.

In designing supply chain processes, we strictly follow best industry practices (ex. SCOR 12.0) supported by the latest developments in technology. Companies have invested significant time and money in making their supply chains more demand-driven. Many, however, undertook those efforts confined to one geography, one business unit or one function and hence failed to deliver common, organization-wide, end-to-end processes.

Our proven and practical process application framework ensures the ability to access reliable data, make robust decisions on future demand patterns, customer segmentation, cost and profit allocation and it enables entire supply chain function to act as one virtual organization with everyone working based on the same information, processes and metrics.

We assist you in selecting, modernizing and applying the most appropriate and tested supply chain process framework with focus on your customer and company objectives while leveraging best-in-class technology and hence enabling you to:

  • permanently own the customer experience lifecycle -  be demand driven and supply enabled
  • align and integrate supply chain with business objectives
  • collaborate with supply chain stakeholders
  • built agility and flexibility to adapt to customer needs and market conditions
  • address complex tax and regulatory requirements

As very often the supply chain is not viewed as a single, organization-wide ecosystem, there is insufficient visibility over each step in the chain. Such lack of transparency significantly hinders operational performance of all parties in the chain.

It can significantly impair your suppliers’ ability to react to order changes, stock-outs, seasonal promotions and recalls. Internally, Demand and Supply planners may struggle to ensure timely order fulfillment, create unnecessary over-stocks and, consequently, cause long response times to customer complaints leaving them dissatisfied.

Regardless of the company size, we support our clients to leverage demand-driven supply chain 2.0 in order to accurately identify customer values and organize entire operations around satisfying these needs. Our supply chain operations framework connects strategy, process, people and technology. Through non-biased value chain analysis and digital readiness health-checks, we can also support you in selecting sophisticated technology. Such technology should enable you to best manage operations but also support supply chain partner interaction by sensing, predicting and collaborating. It will drive and essentially deliver substantial and scalable process improvement throughout your organization.

In modern world of disruptive technological developments and demanding customer expectations, it still requires a great deal of an artist to orchestrate relevant supply chain activities such as network design, planning, forecasting, ordering, marketing and sales, production and last mile logistics.

Supply chain professionals and leaders must be embedded into strategic teams and empowered to drive operational improvements capitalizing on cross-functional governance structures supported by strong analytics teams.

Digital technology is changing every aspect of how companies operate. The companies will not be able to capitalize on digital unless they put the right organization in place. We can support you in building and developing appropriately sized supply chain organization capable of taking the challenges of the future. Traditional models will not work, the boundaries between the functions become more and more blurry, it is a time to assemble agile cross-functional team capable to answer critical business challenges.

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