Smart Business Models

Empirical research shows that companies which innovate in their business model are 6% more profitable over a 5-year period.

While product and process innovation secure the company's momentum and legacy, business model innovation is a key differentiator enabling lasting technological dominance.

The purpose of our Smart Business Model method is to challenge your current business model with 55+ models representative of the industry in order to identify disruptive alternatives.

Mixing 55+ patterns of successful business models with Design Thinking principles, we designed a powerful and condensed approach to identify new sources of revenues and margin in very challenged competitive environments.

We structure the exercise into 3 steps :

Innovation through business models is a powerful way to identify new growth drivers for “product-oriented” legacy activities on the way to being commoditized.

The innovative business models generated allow our clients to address both prospects and their existing customer base with new value propositions that include a strong service content.

Tangible results at each mission

Tangible results at each mission
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