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Getting in shape for the digital era remains a strategic hot topic on CxO-Agendas – worldwide and across industries.

As probably the most-cited buzzword in modern management, truly understanding the value proposition of your digital transformation initiatives and manage to bring expected value-add into the pockets of your business functions, is key to set the right priorities for the short-, mid- and long-term to not get lost in technological complexity and -dynamics.

But - reflecting our discussions with leading management leaders worldwide - many companies still tend to be stuck between either “wait-and-see” (and do nothing) or “try doing everything at once”. Both are no options, if you do not want to vanish from the competitive landscape (think of Kodak or Nokia) or being stuck in constant transformation due to wrong or missing strategic prioritization.

The question remains, what to do, if not tapping into the same trap?
From our experience 3 straight-forward steps make the difference for leading players to stay ahead in the digitized competitive game:

From our perspective, the starting point for every successful Digital Strategy lies in identifying concrete, pragmatic use cases on how technology can be used best to generate value for the business.

Given the underlying paradigm that technology is not a means in itself but an increasingly important instrument to boost business performance, we have designed a structured, yet pragmatic, approach to define and prioritize Digital Use Cases, which either:

  • Enable new revenue streams or changing role(s) on the value chain (“business model disruption”),
  • Increase customer engagement (e.g. as basis for a direct-to-consumer business model), or
  • Facilitate operating model efficiency and automation (e.g. Industry 4.0)

In 2 to 3 cross-functional workshops – together with key stakeholders from business and IT – we facilitate structured identification, evaluation and prioritization of use cases for quick, evolutionary implementation (“rapid prototyping”).

Based on competitive analysis and industry benchmarks IAC Partners brings in an objective, outside-in view on industry good-practices, facilitating discussions on which digital use cases might apply best for your individual context.

Each use case will be detailed in regard to this:

  • Strategic differentiation potential (e.g. new role in the value chain, new service offering)
  • Business potential (esp. additional revenue streams, faster processes, increased flexibility)
  • Technological enablers / organizational prerequisites (e.g. Cloud-based architecture, agile IT delivery model)

The result will be an aligned view on concrete use cases for your digital transformation, evaluated and prioritized for implementation or detailing – acting as a strategic baseline and target for your digital roadmap.

Yes, it’s true, adopting new technologies into existing business- and operating models - turning technology into money – is becoming a core competency of every modern manager.

However, traditional business executives – coming from a world where specialization was the key ingredient of competitive advantage – often struggle to envision the full business potential of new technologies for their existing business- and operating models by implying the necessary end-to-end process mindset.

On the other hand, CIOs (as the traditional “master of technology” in a company) tend to be stuck in the “old world” as well. Mostly thinking within the boundaries of existing IT systems, processes and existing skills (all significant investments of the past), being limited to draft a structured way forward to evolve (see here how IAC can help you overcome this historical burden by modernizing your technology backbone and agilizing your existing IT organization).

With the positioning of a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) – often next to the traditional IT organization – the situation mostly didn’t get easier. Fostering a culture of internal competition and cannibalization, with a mindset of “old” vs “new”, we often see more of a “digital divide”, than one common big-picture “digital strategy”.

Combining in-depth technical expertise with profound business know-how, IAC Partners supports objective moderation of this process, bringing key stakeholders across the organization together to facilitate end-to-end process thinking, bridging functional silos and ideating innovative design thinking on the potentials of digital enablers beyond the limits of your existing organization.

However, given the diversity of potential use cases, from truly business model disruption to “just” operating model automation, as well as diversity of individual starting points (regarding existing processes, structures and systems), a one-size-fits all approach towards digital transformation cannot be an answer.

Therefore, to embrace the dynamic and complex nature of digital disruption, we apply an agile digital transformation approach to define the digital sweet spot of your organization (i.e. defining the ambitioned target state of your digital transformation initiative) and your individual starting point (i.e. the current state of your digital capability set-up).

Your benefits to leverage IAC’s experience and expertise lay at hand:

  • Access to industry-benchmarks and competitor “best-in-class” analysis – based on our experience in digital transformations with leading companies worldwide
  • Objective moderation and stakeholder management – bridging the gap from “old” to “new”, overcoming organizational and functional silos towards one common “digital strategy”
  • In-depth functional, industry and technological expertise – facilitating outside-of-the-box thinking and accelerating solution finding that are custom made to your organizational needs

What are you waiting for?

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