Modernize your tech backbone

Digital transformation brings disruptive trends that are transforming the industry, economy, and society models through a fast-changing environment and continuous outbreaks of innovative technologies; resulting in the requirement for further developed communication and collaboration with customers, partners, and colleagues, and in the need for skilled workers who are able to move in such environments.

Although longstanding company tradition can be both a strong quality promise and a close customer relationship guarantee, it is also facing outdated processes and technologies. Indeed, the fast development of cutting-edge and connected tools has powered the arrival of agile start-ups and digital forerunners, benefitting from lowered costs to leapfrog conventional companies. Thus, this continuous outbreak of innovative technologies has offered organizations the possibility to do more with less costs through further sophisticated capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, or machine learning. These capabilities allow firms to move beyond standard task automation to flexible and connected processes.

Additionally, the complexity of operational and information processes has been increased by the industries’ and businesses’ globalization, leading to the fragmentation of manufacturing and demand. The use of digital tools offers organizations the ability to enable more agile, connected and proactive supply chains in order to adapt to these new terms; resulting in making decisions at a broader network level and not only at the plant level anymore.

Finally, enabling IT and OT union means a change in labor force; digitalization requiring highly skilled workers to be operated and maintained. Organizations’ hiring strategies have to be changed to better answer to these new conditions.

Thus, to enable your digital transformation, a structured modernization of your technology backbone is required. Through our unique combination of top-tier strategy and management expertise, and real-life industry know-how, IAC can support you reaching sustainably the modern performing organization paradigm: a connected, optimized, transparent, proactive, and agile firm.

We will consider together the areas that could be digitalized such as your data and its exploitation methods. We will help you obtain the capabilities to create and collect continuous streams of data, to be then stored and analyzed so that you can act upon the resulting information. Your data can take the form of a digital twin – an evolving digital profile of the past and current life of a physical object or a process and that supports the optimization of your business performance. The determination of the level of detail wanted is the major challenge we will help you overcome while creating your digital twin through agile, iterative methods to speed up learning and a proactive management of risk; resulting in the maximization of interests on your initial investment.

The technology used in your supply chain can also be modernized by making it possible for your plant equipment to communicate together under the control of a central system, which can be represented by a digital supply network – an interconnected and open supply chain system that aggregates and combines data in order to give you the necessary analysis to drive decisions. However, other tools exist such as transaction and company resource planning systems, the Internet of Things and analytics platforms, or cloud-based IT infrastructures.

Additionally, the cornerstone of your backbone’s modernization is the aligning of your autonomous supply chain and your processes and governance model, leading to the according shift in your decision-making processes that we will help you assess. Finally, we will consider the role of your organization’s people who continue to be key to your operations and the security of your data, as you will form a connected and thus open network.

We will support you through agile and adaptive proprietary methods in order to guide you hand in hand through your digital transformation.

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