Innovation model

Innovation is widely recognized as one of the key levers to adapt to changing market forces and to achieve sustainable growth through competitive advantage.

Thanks to our experience in highly industrialized companies, IAC Partners can establish an objective vision of your current innovation management system.

We provide answers to two key questions related to inovation:

  • "Are you doing the right things?” - This is about questioning your (innovation) project portfolio to challenge its position in the trends and drivers of your business sector.
  • "Are you doing the things right?” - we identify blind spots and best practices in your current innovation management process.

Our analysis framework considers all innovation levers, beyond just the usual product & service focus.


Whether you want to benchmark your business with the best practices of the market or to pragmatically improve certain elements of your process, such as the management of your innovation project portfolio, IAC Partners will help you develop and improve your innovation roadmap.

Tangible results at each mission

Tangible results at each mission
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