Incentives & Commitments

Incentives are what ignites the willingness of teams and leaders to drive a project or their organization forward.

If they are correctly defined and correctly implemented, the organization’s or the project’s teams will feel included, listened and most of all appreciated. Incentives are an efficient way of making employees understand they are valued elements of your organization. This is crucial to help your employees and leaders to have purpose – which leads to a stronger commitment. Incentives can be tangible like a bonus at the end of the month, the year or at the end of a project; but they can also be as abstract as sharing corporate values. Thus, they can be implemented at every level of an employee’s or leader’s tenure in your organization, from the hiring process to their salary.

Commitment is essentially this willingness of teams and leaders to drive a project or their organization forward.

Without it, a project can be implemented, or an organization can live, but none can perform at its best. A lack of commitment leads to disappointing and unwanted results. Incentivizing teams and leaders to ignite commitment is a sustainable and enduring way to obtain performance and a strong corporate culture. The organization’s people will understand and see the short-term and long-term benefits for them through these incentives, leading to a stronger commitment from them.

  • In our car analogy, incentives & commitments are represented by the engine. The team and the leader’s commitment and motivation are driving the project forward. However, something can go wrong, and IAC Partners can help you identify and address these issues – and specifically design the incentives & commitments structure that will make future projects more successful in your organization.

The team and/or the leaders might not feel included resulting in a loss of commitment and a lack to see the benefit for them.

To counter this issue, we offer the time to make sure the parties understand the alignment between the company’s strategy, the goal of the project and the role of the team and/or of the leaders (using workshops, team-building events, role-plays); making sure the driver takes care of its engine or the car will break down.

Finally, the team and/or the leaders can lack authority resulting in a feeling of uselessness and worthlessness. To address this phenomenon, we offer solutions to incentivize the team and/or the leaders, thus aligning with the individual directly; understanding his or her individual influence on the car’s direction and performance.

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