Optimization and security of your development processes

Optimization of the development process is an approach aimed at mapping the various dimensioning stages of the development process in order to identify and characterize the levers for improvement and the risks to be secured.

Optimization and security of your development processes

The objectives of this approach are centred around the QCD industrial challenges:

  • :  Improve product and/or service quality
  • C : Reduce development costs, improve efficiency and stakeholder engagement
  • D : Reduce lead times and time to market

The construction phase of the mapping of the development process, or VSM (Value Stream Mapping), brings together all stakeholders around a common objective:

  • Qualitatively, allows everyone to place their intervention in a development process that involves different services or departments and to exchange on their own issues step by step
  • Quantitatively, to consolidate a valorization of these stakes of quality, cost and deadlines

This concerted construction phase will make it possible to reveal with a bottom-up approach the risks to be neutralized and the opportunities for improvements to be educated and implemented.

There are 4 process improvement levers to identify during this mapping phase:

  • Organization

    Validate input data / output data at each step.

    Define the target development process: roles, tasks, milestones.

    Confirm deadlines and conditions for success.

  • Process

    Characterize each step as a work package (a sub-project in its own right).

    Define the right thing step by step.

    Share information at interfaces.

  • Expertises

    Skills and expertise required by tasks and profiles.

    Build a development plan if necessary.

    Improve existing tools (reporting, information reporting, etc.).

  • Tools and Opportunities 4.0

    Simplify the ecosystem tools (ensure the relevance of the data).

    Identify opportunities 4.0 : Big data, loT, etc in the short and medium term.

  • Identify, value the issues (risks and opportunities, limit the target market(s)

  • Interservice workshops to consolidate the VSM of the process

  • Formalize VSM: visual support accessible by all

  • Quantifying the issues at stake in the different stages of the process

  • Prioritize the different levers identified (matrix issues / difficulties)


  • Structuring the implementation plan of “Quick Wins”

  • Document the target process with a work package approach (WBS approach)

  • Piloting progress (OBEYA approach)

  • Characterize the workpackage and consolidate the target process

  • Supporting change and communication with those responsible for pôles


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