Decisions & Project Methodology

Decisions drive projects and companies forward by giving them direction and power to move.

They have effects on organizations but also on people who follow these decisions and put them into action. People need to understand why certain decisions were made, as the results obtained will have an impact on them as well. The way decisions are implemented is equally important as it directly affects the corporate culture.

The misalignment of decisions and corporate strategy and culture will lead to poorer results and slow decision-making processes. Finally, leaders are the ones who make decisions, hence defining hierarchy.

The end-goal of an organization is to offer its people the opportunity to question decisions without totally challenging hierarchy. By this mechanism, teams will understand better why their leaders make such decisions and feel included.

Project methodology, on the other hand, sketches the framework within which decisions are made, thus defining a set of rules that must be followed and what can or cannot be done. 

Project methodology ensures a stable evolution of the project and sets up each and every step leading to its implementation or to the corporate performance.

  • In our analogy with the car, decisions and project methodologies are represented by the gear lever. Decisions are made by the driver (project leaders) by manipulating the gear lever and in accordance with the level of fuel (team members). Project methodology is represented by what you can or cannot do. In our car, you can manipulate five gear levers, no more no less. However, something can go wrong, and IAC Partners can help you identify and address these issues – and specifically design a project or organizational capability that will make future projects more successful.

Decision-making may be too slow or may lead to unwanted results. To address this issue, IAC offers to align strategy with a decision-making framework through ensuring the leaders and the team understand what is at stake and the logic.

In a nutshell, we help your organization by showing the link between the strategy and the decisions to be made in order to accelerate the decision-making process; hence making sure the driver understands that to start the car you need to engage the first gear and not to stay in neutral.

Finally, the team as well as the leaders can fail to respect the project methodology. To correct this, we have to ensure the leaders and the team are aware and understand the framework of the project. IAC Partners makes sure that they embrace it; thus, ensuring the driver knows that he or she should engage the second gear after the first and not the third directly.

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