Data handling & Mindsets

Data handling includes indicators or ways to measure performance, as well as general information transmitted through emails, calls, texts, etc.

Its correct implementation leads to efficient coordination between the parties involved and thus must be preserved by your organization. Data handling can be badly carried out because of an unclear frame, but also in case the information transmitted is not easily understandable or appropriately shared. Hence leading to confusing communication.

Mindsets define the way people process the information received, the ways things are done in your organization, in other words your corporate culture.

This is the most challenging aspect to change; especially in an older organization where its culture has been shaped for years by its people and their habits, while younger companies tend to be much more flexible. A strong and adaptable corporate culture is the key to an enduring and sustainable performance, making proactive change possible when addressing your organization’s future.

  • In our car analogy, data handling & mindsets are represented by the wheels. Information handover, its understanding and corporate culture are what make the project’s progress possible. However, data handling & mindsets can go wrong, and IAC can help you identify and address these issues – and specifically design a tailor-made solution that will make future projects more successful in your organization.

The team and/or the leaders can misinterpret the data given to them or may not be given the necessary data to make the right decisions.

To correct this situation, we work with the teams to clarify the indicators and information available, resulting in a better understanding of information and what to do with it. In today’s world, digital means will largely be necessary to efficiently foster required analytics. The driver needs to know how to take care of the car’s wheels.

The team and/or the leaders can fail to see the integrative logic between corporate culture and the project. If your corporate culture is adaptable, flexible and aligned with your company’s strategy, this issue will not occur. Otherwise IAC can accompany you in a change of corporate culture. First, we will assess together what is your desired outcome leading us to the best corporate culture for you. Then, we will offer you a tailored solution to implement the change starting with the identification of the levers on which we can act. We will be able to tell you if changing the core common beliefs is sufficient or if we will need to dig deeper.

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