Agilize your IT organization

New digital-enabled business models are emerging all over the world.

In the retail industry for instance, “click and collect” is an omnichannel capability that gives customers the option to buy an item online to pick it up afterwards at a physical store – a powerful success story that traditional retail firms struggle to replicate. Indeed, obstacles are likely to arise when companies try to connect their digital initiatives to their hundreds of legacy IT systems and databases; hence requiring changes within the supporting IT operating model, in order to adapt it to the new imperatives companies must follow.

Many organizations have reacted by introducing a two-speed IT architecture: the combination of a customer-centric front-end team and a slow-speed, transaction-focused legacy back-end one. To focus on software-release cycles and deployment mechanisms, the first team is modular while the second one, aiming at stability and high-quality data management, works on longer release cycles. However, many of these endeavors to integrate agile in IT badly failed because this two-speed IT architecture clashed with a two-class IT organization; leading to an increased difficulty in attracting and retaining talent, and an incompatibility of working pace between the two teams. It additionally prevented the larger organization from realizing the benefits of agile.

Thus, aligning and synchronizing critical factors of your organization’s operating model in order to implement agile puts IT into the front seat – to become a business-enabler through the integration of next-generation technology development and delivery practices into your business.

At IAC, we will help you break boundaries in your IT stack by supporting the implementation of monitoring, discovery, and configuration tools able to function in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, and from legacy systems to consumer-facing apps.

Together, we will support your teams to develop the necessary skills to design modular, open-source and interface-friendly software in order to ease extensibility and integration with other apps. Additionally, to further insist on user-friendly experiences, we will bring you SaaS (Software as a Service) capable solutions that have immediate, out-of-the-box functionalities. Finally, in order to recover insights from disparate sources and an increasing abundance of data, IAC will help you implement analytical tools like machine learning.

IAC can further help you redesign your IT operating model as a part of your agile transformation through the automation of your IT operations and the implementation of “DevOps” – a combination of your software development and IT operations in order to increase collaboration and automation along the entire product lifecycle. It requires software designed for quick testing and validation, and that functions across the production chain. Netflix, for instance, hosts hundreds of microservices in its cloud-based IT infrastructure and has provided dedicated “DevOps” teams to each one of them. By doing so, the online streaming video company has offered its developers the possibility to launch hundreds of software changes daily. Furthermore, Netflix has implemented automated monitoring to detect if something goes wrong with the deployment of new images. This high level of automation allows the company to release new code within hours where most firms would need months.

However, to agilize your IT organization, IAC can most of all support you approach your IT development in a decentralized way while helping your CIO keep visibility and focus in order to show IT’s value to the rest of the organization. We will assist him or her in the rewriting of his or her job description in order to address enduring causes of IT ineffectiveness. As agile transformation comes from the top, we will organize workshops and meetings to make your CIO and senior managers aware of their role in your IT organization. With their help, we will identify together the cultural barrier and root causes that might stand in the way of your success.

With their help, we will identify together the cultural barrier and root causes that might stand in the way of your success.

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