Agile procurement cost reduction

Procurement is a critical function to improve your bottom-line. Usually, 3% of the procurement workforce is managing the external spend which represents 50-80% of total cost.

IAC has helped numerous clients in engineering-intense industries to deliver and accelerate large cost procurement program called “procurement waves”.

Procurement waves are a series of 12-weeks sprints, each of them focusing a set of categories delivering 3 main benefits:

  • 10-17% incremental savings by applying all holistic procurement levers: Traditional commercial levers (Best price, volume swing), demand management streamlining procurement specifications and Make-or-buy, advanced technical levers such as Total cost of ownership reduction and Co-Design-to-cost with suppliers
  • Accelerated savings deployment thanks to our Supplier BOOT CAMPs which is a unique and battle-proven agile supplier collaboration methodology combined with truly multifunctional approach
  • Upskilled procurement community thanks to a hands-on learning-by-doing approach

IAC is uniquely positioned to help you transform your procurement organization into a sustainable savings powerhouse.

Tangible results at each mission

Tangible results at each mission
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