Activate your Digital DNA

There is a broad recognition among industry leaders that the role of digital technology is changing rapidly from a former negligible small driver of efficiency to a fundamental one for innovation and disruption.

Among other things, the reason for large-scale and sweeping changes in various business areas is digitalization which provides tremendous opportunities for value creation and capture. Leaders in all areas deal with the strategic impact of these changes for their companies, industry ecosystems and the society as a whole.

It is a common misunderstanding that digital transformation is technology-driven. But actually, it is reshaping industries by disrupting existing business and operating models on the one hand, and on the other having far-reaching society impact presenting a whole sting of opportunities and challenges for businesses. A large part of the challenges should be understood to unlock the substantial benefits of digitalization. These factors include cultural conversion, pace of changing customer expectations, outdated regulations and identifying & using the right capabilities.

To stay competitive in the digital era, organizations need to identify their capabilities and improve these to grow and exploit new business channels.

The maturity level of the digital DNA depends on several aspects which need to be assessed and continuously evolved. Traditional leadership has still a significant impact in the new age of digitalization but these capabilities need to be combined with digital culture as well as new behaviors, mind-sets and skills. Another important topic is the talent acquisition which can influence the success of the digital strategy. Sourcing, progression and especially keeping talents is important to be prepared for changes and to create an environment which continuously attracts and engages talents.

Traditionally, organizations have realized competitive advantage from technologies that foster business requirements at the lowest cost possible. But looking at the digital environment having a technology is much less valuable than having the right digital talent behind it. It is indispensable for companies to invest in digital talents even if the overall IT costs increase because the outcome can be significant. IAC’s experiences with global clients indicate that creating and implementing modern technologies with top talent teams is up to eight times more efficient than with average ones.

Times where organizations were designed for effectiveness and efficiency which lead to siloed structures are outdated.

Resulting business models were based on predictable commercial patterns which are unsuited to an era of disruption and unpredictability. A state-of-the-art company needs to be built up on agility, speed and adaptability to pave the way for a successful organization in the global business environment.

Accordingly, to have an adaptive company it is necessary to shift from hierarchical organizational structures to a model where work is accomplished in teams. Leading digital players are pushing towards a more flexible, team-centric model. Individuals and teams should share their information transparently building a network. The advantage is huge due to the possibility to form and disband teams and thereby stay agile.

The biggest challenge for most of the companies is the rapid pace of the digital disruption. Most organizations are aware of the theoretical knowledge of how to get agile but the fulfillment & implementation oftentimes prove more difficult than expected.

With the IAC Digital Workforce Transformation we tease out your knowledge and establish it to the daily business. Therefore, we use four steps to build a digital culture into the organization which adopt the change and promote the innovation. The first step is an assessment measuring the digital talent capacity of your organization based on a developed benchmark. Followed by an “Advance” program which is tailor-made and sharpens the skills of your existing talents. Empowering the own talents is one big step to the right direction but injecting new talents is equally important to add new complementary capabilities. Through determining the talent-gaps it is possible to fill them with new top talents. Offer value and foster skills through real-life business cases.

Become a forerunner of digital transformation to enhance the adaptability and innovation of your organization to secure a long-term competitiveness.

Unleash the power of your DNA and be a thought leader!

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