Modular design & platforming

At a time when industrials have to offer more and more customization, while managing increasing regulatory complexity in an uncertain market environment, modular design and platforming are methods that aim to master this complexity while keeping control over costs and time-to-market.

The objective of these approaches is to develop technical bricks or modules that can be combined to build a range of products covering all market needs. The products are ultimately based on a common platform and differentiating modules that manage diversity.

Achieving the optimum between complexity, direct costs and development costs, and defining the right level of differentiation requires the use of a series of tools and methods.

IAC Partners has developed an expertise to reach this optimum, in particular by relying on the concepts of design-to-variety with players in the aerospace, energy, industrial equipment and health sectors, etc.:

  • Definition of the ambition: analysis of the drivers of technical complexity, definition of a cost ambition, time-to-market, target technical complexity with the management and the teams
  • Building specifications: Analysis of market segments, construction of product specifications
  • Definition of the modular architecture / platform: Definition of the different modules and the optimal diversity via design-to-variety
  • Prioritization of developments and design-to-cost of modules

In addition to visible gains on direct costs, indirect costs, development budgets and time-to-market, IAC Partners helps you instill in your teams a culture aimed at avoiding recreating diversity later on.

Tangible results at each mission

Tangible results at each mission
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